Select your material from a vaste range of PMMA, PC, Design & Aluplasting© panels, foamed PVC as well as Other Materials (Polystyrene, PVC (foamed), PETG, PA, PE, PEEK, PVC etc.), Components (LED wall spacers or elements for connecting and mounting etc.) and Processing Accessories (glues, accessories for polishing etc.), Canisters and Fire Protection items. Choose between more than 20000 articles!
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Plasting belongs to the Gevacril Group and is a manufacturing and distributing company of polymer semi-finished items, Aluplasting© panels, processing and gluing accessories. Drawing on a wide-ranging experience and professional skills developed over decades, Plasting’s position within the plastics market is based on:

  • a unique range of more than 20.000 high-quality items like PMMA, PC, PS, foam PVC, PETG, PA, PE, PP, PVC, POM-C, PEEK, PTFE, PET Sheets, Blocks, Tubes, Rods, Bars & Profiles and Aluplasting© panels
  • an advanced level of specialization on acrylic items: from semi-finished to processing accesories including unique materials such as the cast acrylic coloured tubes, Aluplasting© panels,  DecoPietra©, EdgeAcryl©, MarineAcryl© sheets and much more
  • consulting and solutions for the best price-quality ration and “just-in-time” deliveries
  • 100% customer oriented; you can take profit for instance of our “clean-up” cut to size up to a thickness of 100mm (-/+0,3mm)

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We grant you the following big plus points:

  • higher added value on your sales thanks to our competitive prices (Special Cast Sheets; Cast Continued® Tubes, PVC foamed sheets; cut-to-size for Cast Acrylic Blocks)
  • savings through synergies (all items from 1 company: you save time and money)
  • being innovative on the market (Satin tubes, Aluplasting© Panels, DecoPietra© Eco Resin Panels, LED & DecoDesign© sheets, Coloured Tubes and Fluor-Acryl® Rods etc.)

The real savings come from the excellent quality, the reduction of “time-to-market” thanks to a “fast-track” delivery system, the choice of materials and impeccable service – the guiding principles of Plasting’s company philosophy.

We are confident that you, in choosing to endorse our principles, will benefit from competitive high-quality products that will enable you to secure new and lucrative market positions.



News 1: DecoPietra© Sheets

The exclusive DecoPietra (c) panels can be backlighted and cope the unique stone effects with the lightness of a polymer. Try a sample set made of 6 piece 90×85 mm or get the  Presentation Book  made of 12 samples  or light tablet for Shows and Demos. All DecoPietra© types are presented also in our Show room at the Head Quarters in Segrate.

lastre eco cast

News 2: New Eco Cast Sheets

La lastra colata ECO CAST è una innovativa lastra acrilica colata riciclata e riciclabile di alta qualità. Usiamo MMA depolimerizzato (DMMA) di altissima purezza (≥ 99%) come materia prima, con una qualità del prodotto finale identica a quella delle lastre acriliche prodotte da MMA vergine, a tal punto che può essere riciclata più e più volte senza perdere le sue importanti proprietà fisiche: la lastra Eco cast mantiene infatti le stesse proprietà ottiche, meccaniche e fisiche della lastra acrilica colata da MMA vergine.


News 3: Clean-Sky® Eco-Cast Tubes

The European Green Deal represents Europe’s roadmap for making the EU’s economy sustainable. This will happen by turning climate and environmental challenges into opportunities.
At Plasting® we strongly believe that we can give a contribution to this change: The new Clean-Sky® Cast r-MMA Tubes made by Gevacril®are Cast Acrylic Tubes manufactured with 100% recycled MMA. Plasting® is able to offer a range of >120 tubes from OD40mm to OD610mm in 5 different thicknesses.
Clean-Sky® Cast r-MMA Tubes are a 100% recycled and recyclable pmma that offers following advantages:
• Same technical features as standard cast
• 100% Recycled MMA means less waste and reduction of CO2
• Re-usable, recyclable, sustainable
• Circle Economy compliant
• ROHS3 compliant
• Green Deal Innovation compliant



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