Welcome to Plasting srl

Plasting belongs to the Gevacril Group and is a manufacturing and distributing company of polymer semi-finished items, accessories and complements. Drawing on a wide-ranging experience and professional skills developed over decades, Plasting's position within the plastics market is based on:

  • a unique range of more than 20.000 high-quality items like PMMA, PC, PS, PETG, PA, PE, PP, PVC, POM-C, PEEK, PTFE, PET Sheets, Blocks, Tubes, Rods, Bars & Profiles
  • an advanced level of specialization on acrylic items: from semi-finished to processing accesories including unique materials such as the Cast Continued® acrylic tubes and the DualDeco© acrylic sheets

We wish you a good visit and remain at your disposal for further information on our plastics. With Plasting always a step ahead!